Out of this World

RSO Signature Event

April 29, 2023
6:00 pm
First Bank Expo Center at the Wayne County Fairgrounds

Signature Event Tickets

$100 per ticket ($65 may be tax deductible)

Plan to purchase wine for your table before the event. This year, the RSO is offering Rocket Man Red and Night’s Alright White wines.

Attire: Come dressed in far out attire and prepare for lift-off with RSO for a night of creative chaos under the stars.

Tickets for this event are sold out

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Lift-off for a night of creative chaos under the stars!

6:00 Pack your bags for flight and head to the First Bank Expo Center, Wayne County Fairgrounds

6:10 RSO Singers: Their gift is their song and this one’s for you

7:00 Touchdown brings you around to find the galactic sounds of the RSO, performing sci-fi movie soundtracks with guest conductor Wilbur Lin

7:50 Don’t let the sun go down on the RSO needs-based auction

8:00 Saturday Night’s Alright for a meal prepared by Chef Galo

8:30 Join the costume parade where your future lies beyond the Yellow Brick Road

8:45 Hop & Bop to the Crocodile Rock with The Rocket Man, Kenny Metcalf, a stellar Elton John tribute artist

Out of this World

Many moons ago in a space center south of Richmond, the RSO set off on a mission to bring back the nostalgia of the decades – one after another! Six decade-events later, we have stars in our eyes as we think about how much this event has grown!

Pressed for space, the RSO Signature Event has found its way to the First Bank Expo Center (formerly Tom Raper) at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. We are over the moon to introduce our 2023 event theme: Out of this World! On Saturday, April 29, the RSO will be joined by The Rocket Man, Kenny Metcalf, a stellar Elton John tribute artist. We’ll shoot for the stars to make this our best event yet! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this Ginger Gray Production is an event not-to-be-missed.

We thank our lucky stars to be supported by such a generous community.

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