2016 RSO Signature Event: Shake, Rattle and Roll

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April 30th, 2016

You know it’s a great event when people arrive early! So many attendees got into the spirit and dressed up wonderfully—it was fun to talk to people about what they were wearing, and why. I especially loved Bonnie Johnston’s penny loafers with the pennies taped on top! The décor was fabulous—so creative. I loved the drive in theatre set-up. The band was terrific (I was especially impressed by the piano player), and it was such a treat to have Justin Shandor join them during the sock hop. Great venue, great people!”

—Kathy Cruz–Uribe

I had a fabulous time at RSO’s Shake, Rattle and Roll. The 50s-themed event overflowed with fun energy from start to finish. The Elvis tribute artist was more than a hit—he was a once in a lifetime experience! I was lucky to be yards away from him as he serenaded a table with an impeccable rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Maestro Guy Victor Bordo led the RSO in an inspired 50s-themed repertoire with music so engaging a guest at our table apologized for getting carried away and singing along. RSO promises the best is yet to come in their upcoming season; I will definitely be along for the ride as a season ticket holder and 2017 Signature Event attendee.”

—Beth Harrick

One if the best shows we’ve had! It was fun and the venue was perfect.”

—Blair Carman, of Blair Carman & the Belleview Boys

The whole night was seamless. The event of the year.  A time of good fun for all!” —Glove Group Management

Shake, Rattle & Roll was an amazing experience and everybody involved was so humble. It was such a splendid evening and a great honor to be able to play with a world class Orchestra for such a classy and fun themed event!”

—Justin “Elvis” Shandor

When arriving at the Shake, Rattle & Roll, I had no idea what to expect. I had never attended an RSO signature event before. But WOW! They put on one of the best events I’ve attended in a while! It was very well planned, from every little detail. There were literally hundreds of different features to notice and take part in. I’m very anxious for the next years!”

—Andrew Hoover

The Richmond Symphony Orchestra’s Shake Rattle and Roll gala was an evening filled with great food, timeless music and Elvis! The sports plex was transformed back in time to a 50s diner complete with carhops, music, and yo-yos!

—Vicky Jelly

I think it was amazing! I loved the dancing, music, gumballs, and hanging out with my cousin Mason. I just loved it!

—Caleigh Koechlein

This year (2016) was my first time to attend the RSO Signature Event and it shattered any expectations I had! What a wonderful event! From the way the tables were decorated, to the stunning performance by the Symphony, Justin Shandor as Elvis, Garry Kleer emceeing the event, the selfie booth, the roller derby girls serving champagne, I could go on and on. The sock hop band, Blair Carman & the Belleview Boys, got the crowd up and dancing within mere moments of the first key being played on the piano. It was an overall fantastic night. Everyone was dressed to the nines in their 1950’s attire and I don’t think anyone missed an opportunity to take a selfie with the beautiful classic cars. Well done RSO! With an event like this I’m intrigued as to what next year will bring.

—Ambyr Mayberry

We had a fabulous evening at Shake, Rattle and Roll! It was so much fun dressing up and spending the evening in the 1950s! Hearing Elvis sing with the orchestra was a real treat, and such a fun & unique way to introduce Geneva to the symphony. Everyone there was laughing, dancing and truly enjoying themselves. Bravo!”

—Natalie Richert

string of circles
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