2018 RSO Signature Event: Symphony Night Fever

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April 28th, 2018

Melissa Vance & attendeesSymphony Night Fever was yet another demonstration of the excellent talent of the RSO, the staff and of course, Ginger Gray!  The costumes were so much fun, and people simply have a great time.  Smiles were everywhere, and hopefully, they were a small payback for all the hard work that went into making this a memorable event!

—Melissa Vance


The RSO Signature Event is a must for everyone!  My 11-year-old granddaughter joined us this year to enjoy all of the fun and excitement.  She is such a huge 70’s fan so it was easy enough to tell her it would be action-packed full of fun things for her to do.  This was my third year attending the Signature event.  We absolutely enjoyed ourselves from getting ready in our cool 70’s style clothing to driving home talking about how great the event was.  This event is such a great way to bring the community together to enjoy a great variety of musical entertainment.  The RSO did an amazing job performing many 70’s movie theme songs.  The evening took us back in time and brought back many memories.

—Robin Weinert


I loved it when the orchestra played the Jaws theme song and all of the other movies.  It was so much fun learning new dance moves and how to strike a pose with John Travolta. The John Travolta lookalike was pretty cool. I loved wearing my 70’s high-heeled shoes all night.

—Adi Feasby


Our ‘journey’ through the repertoire selection process is always a collaborative exercise mutually agreed upon by the group as a whole. Especially enjoying the past several years that have, for the most part, included musical options that were a familiar part of our formative years. The age-range of our group usually includes early 40’s – late 60’s. Since much of the music we selected to sing this year was a real “greatest hits” collection of the 70’s – the fact that we included a millennial in this particular group meant – even HE knew most of the tunes! We SO appreciate being asked to participate in the event and truly hope we offer a welcoming ‘mood-set’ for an evening of fun & recollection. Since we are all local, and mainly ‘repeat singers’ – we feel we have developed a following from the RSO subscribers and others who hear about and want to be a part of this evening of orchestra fundraising. The idea to present it as a ‘party’ – has shown in recent years – that it’s the greatest, most talked about show in town! The RSO Board of Directors has a very creative entertainment team that allow us to contribute & add to the success of the evening of music. We are proud to be a voluntary extension of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and hope the audience appreciates our time, talent and commitment to this valuable community asset.

—Chris Rogan


I liked the songs that they played like Jaws and Superman. The party was really fun because we got to dress up like we were in the 70s!! I wore a dress and hoop earrings and a headband. (My mom said I looked like I was 20.) The dinner was good too. We had chicken parmesan. I danced a lot- it was really fun. We danced to a bunch of songs, and there was a John Travolta impersonator that taught us how to dance to them. Had a really good time! It was fun, because I saw a lot of people I knew there! Overall it was FUN!!!!!!

—Maggie Zajdel


I have performed several concerts with The Richmond Symphony Orchestra, but this was the first time I have had the pleasure of performing at one of their fund raising events.  The Symphony Night Fever was a fantastic evening!  Under the fine direction of Guy Bordo, it was once again a joy to perform with this very talented orchestra.  The music genre was perfect for the evening, and it truly brought back many joyous memories of music from the 70’s.  The Richmond Chorus also did a wonderful job of preparing the audience for an evening of great entertainment with their many selections that they truly seemed to enjoy singing!  The decorations were phenomenal…and set the tone for a fun evening!  But the real pleasant surprise that I received was just how much the Richmond community backs the orchestra and all that they stand for.  The community obviously understands the vital role music plays in every single age group of a society.  Music brings joy, contentment, physical and spiritual healing, and a sense of belonging to a community.  Richmond, Indiana proved that they agree with the importance of music by their very generous gifts that evening.  It truly brought joy to my heart to be a part of such a wonderful event!

—Jill Coston


The RSO’s Signature Event was a fantastic evening for the organization. Ginger Gray and her team transformed the Kuhlman Center into a chic nightclub that was packed with people. My favorite part was looking at the creative costumes and 70’s outfits people wore and how much fun hundreds of community members had celebrating together. The John Travolta look-alike did a great job of interacting with the crowd and creating a fun atmosphere.

—Leslie Bolser


It was fantastic! Everything looked great: the stage, the costumes and, of course, the music.The RSO never disappoints! We had a BLAST!

—Rick Duncan


The Richmond Symphony Orchestra event Symphony Night Fever was outstanding. RSO continues to provide such an enjoyable evening to the community with their fundraising events each year. My husband and I look forward to going and just having fun while being able to enjoy mingling with friends from the community. Each year is better than before and we are so amazed that it gets better and better. The outstanding performance of the RSO on their selections of music from movies of the 70’s transported me back to that time, bringing back to mind special memories and laughter. I especially enjoyed singing along with all my table mates. The RSO continues to surprise and does not disappoint this music lover. I had so much fun at Symphony Night Fever that I am already thinking about next year’s event.

—Beth Van Der Burgt


I never quite think that they can top themselves, but each year Monica and her team manage to do it with their signature event. From the ceiling dripping with jewels to the white leather couches set up in each corner, the Kuhlman Center was transformed into the “grooviest” disco club around. For me, I didn’t live through this decade, so it was fun to hop into the time machine and experience the time period first-hand. The Symphony performance was so vibrant and fun, too. But I think what makes this event so special is how so many community members come together for the cause. A record breaking number of attendees blew me away this year (I mean, who WASN’T there?), as did the group of community leaders who let down their hair and performed. What great sports! And on top of that, the Symphony out-performed itself. This is not just a one night event, but a source of year-long pride for our community. Many of my out-of-town friends saw the photos I posted on Facebook and asked how they could get involved. That’s impressive! Overall, I had such a fabulous time at the Symphony Night Fever this year that I left already planning my outfit for next year. I can’t wait!

—Erica Coulter


[We] had an absolutely incredible time at Richmond Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony Night Fever! The music was wonderful, of course, John Travolta was excellent and seeing everyone dressed up for the theme was so much fun but there were all sorts of smaller touches like the light up dance platform that really set the look and transformed the venue. [We were] so excited to be a little part of such a unique event!

—Dire Skates Roller Derby Team

string of circles
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