Concert Attendance FAQ

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Are you attending an RSO concert for the first time and feeling unsure about what to expect? Here are the answers to the questions that we receive most often—but if your question isn’t answered don’t hesitate to call or email us.

I ordered my tickets online/over the phone, how will I receive them?

If you purchased your tickets a week or more prior to the concert, they will be mailed to the address you provided. If you have not received the tickets within a reasonable amount of time please call us so we can replace them for you.

If you purchased your tickets the week of the concert, we will hold them at Will Call for you to pick up the night of the concert. Just give your name at the Will Call table to receive your tickets.

What is the difference between Box Office and Will Call?

Both are areas where you can pick up your tickets on the night of a concert.

Will Call holds tickets that have been reserved and paid for prior to the concert. A ticket voucher is considered payment, and as long as we have the number on the voucher there is no need to turn it in.

Box Office is the only place where monetary ticket transactions take place on the night of a concert. Go to Box Office if you have not contacted us prior to the concert or if you have reserved your tickets but still need to pay for them.

The outer doors to Civic Hall will be labeled to let you know which door to enter for either Box Office or Will Call.

How early should I arrive?

We suggest that you plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the concert to park, find your seats, use the restroom, review the program notes, etc. Keep in mind that there are often other pre-concert opportunities that you can enjoy. For classical concerts, there is a Pre-Concert Conversation an hour before the concert begins for you to learn more about what you will be hearing. 30 minutes before the concert there will also be a small musical ensemble performing in the lobby.

Where do I park?

You can park in either the lot located directly across from Civic Hall and the RHS football field or along the street. There is some handicapped parking available, but we suggest that you plan on being dropped off and picked up in the circle in front of the hall in case the handicapped parking has been filled.

What do I wear to a symphony concert?

The most common attire ranges from business casual to dressy evening wear. However there is no requirement to dress formally, so you should wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

Can I take photos or record video during the concert?

All electronic devices including cell phones must be turned off during the performance. We try to ensure that the photos and videos of our musicians are of the highest quality possible, so photography and videography of the concert is prohibited. However, we encourage you to take photos of your own experience before the concert, during intermission, and after! We hope that you have a memorable time even when the musicians are offstage, so please take photos and share your experience with us on Facebook and Twitter!

What happens during intermission? How long is it?

Intermission is a 15-minute break for the musicians to take a break and prepare themselves for the second half of the concert. During intermission RSO provides concessions for $1 each in the lobby. Food and drinks cannot be brought back into the hall, so they must be finished before the second half.

How long is a concert?

Concerts are typically 90–120 minutes long, including intermission

What can my children do during the concert?

We provide coloring pages and crayons to take into the concert for children who are members of the RSO kids club “Kids of Note”. Membership is free, just find the Kids of Note table in the lobby before the concert to learn more.

When do I clap during a concert?

Most artists appreciate applause at any time during a performance. However, it is more typical to wait until the end of an entire work to clap. The conductor will let you know when a piece is over by turning to face the audience, but if you are in doubt you can always wait for the rest of the audience to clap before joining in.

Where will the concert be held?

Almost all of our season concerts are held at Civic Hall Performing Arts Center in Richmond, Indiana at 380 Hub Etchison Parkway. It is attached to Richmond High School, located just north of the football field.

How will I find my seats? Why does it seem like my tickets are not next to each other?

RSO concerts do have assigned seating, and an usher will be more than happy to help you find your seats if you are unsure where they are.

If it seems like your seats are not next to each other based on the ticket numbering, it is most likely the case that you are on either the left or right side rather than the center. The seats on the left are labeled with odd numbers and the right are labeled with even numbers. So if your tickets are labeled as either LFT or RGT and the numbers are adjacent even or odd numbers, they will be next to each other. You can also verify your seats on the chart below, or call us if you have questions!

Floor Seating Balcony Seating

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