Pat Gunter

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Section: Bassoon

Ms. Gunter has been the bassoon instructor at Tennessee State University since 2007. Her musical career began at age five with the piano. Her best friend’s mother was the local minister’s wife and neighborhood piano teacher. Young Pat’s piano career was cut short when her family moved to St. Louis but their piano remained in Oak Ridge. She discovered the bassoon in high school. It lured her away from the flute, and she went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Bassoon from Indiana University.

Ms. Gunter was a member of the Nashville Symphony from 1981–2003 and currently freelances in Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama and performs regularly with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Kentucky and Jackson Symphony.

Ms. Gunter is a member of the Nashville Double Reed Ensemble and the Instigator of Bassoonery, a local bassoon quintet. She is a founding member of Belmont’s Faculty Woodwind Quintet and plays with Opus 5, a local woodwind quintet comprised of faculty from Tennessee State University. Ms. Gunter lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband David (an amateur trumpet player) and her big dog, Clara.

black insturments on orange
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