Welcome from the Executive Director

string of circles

Dear RSO Family,

I don’t know about you, but I will never take an RSO season for granted again! While we were unable to be together in Civic Hall for 18 months, we certainly felt loved and supported by our community. Your expressions of concern for RSO staff, musicians, volunteers, and the symphony itself proved once again that Richmond is a community for the arts. I sincerely hope we can make up for lost time this season, and serve you as well as you have served us over the past year.

I assure you that the RSO is coming out of a worldwide pandemic as a stronger organization than we were before this disruption. So much of our resilience as an organization comes from the dedication of community members like you. COVID-19 forced us to live out our mission of providing exceptional, inclusive musical experiences that enrich, entertain and educate despite being unable to gather together. We are proud to say that we not only fulfilled that mission, but learned a great deal along the way.

The Sunset Series was an idea born out of necessity and will likely be a permanent part of our annual programming. Thank you for supporting these events with your attendance and charitable giving. The symphony also appreciated the informative responses you provided to our surveys. It’s important for us to hear from the community directly, so we can adjust our programming to best suit the needs and desires of our audience.

During the past year-and-a-half, I can’t say enough about the leadership of the RSO Board of Directors as they have navigated some turbulent times and made a number of tough decisions. This group of individuals kept me still when I needed to be and set me loose when it was time to re-envision. This group has been instrumental in building on the past and securing a stable future for the RSO. I couldn’t be more appreciative of their vision for what the RSO has been, currently is, and needs to be.

Next, let me formally and publicly congratulate my colleague and friend on his upcoming retirement. We have a year to celebrate, but it will likely go too fast. I have appreciated the camaraderie and support we have shown each other to advance and grow this beloved organization. May your future endeavors be as rewarding as your relationship with the RSO has been.

Now, please sit back and enjoy the return of the RSO to the stage. May we not be forced to be stilled or silenced ever again!

Warmest regards,

Monica Koechlein

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